I am a Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing Engineer working at Insikt Intelligence. I develop machine learning models and apply NLP techniques to extract information from noisy social media data. Our main domains of application are related to online security, such as detection of hate speech or extreme radicalization in social media. The tools I use more frequently are Python’s libraries for NLP (nltk, gensim), ML (scikit-learn) and Deep Learning (keras, tensorflow). I am particularly interested on the problem of creating multilingual NLP tools, and I am working hard on finding a way to translate our resources to other languages as automatically as possible.

Before that, I received a PhD from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. I worked at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA-CSIC) under the supervision of Marco Schorlemmer. My general area of research was multi-agent communication. More concretly, I was interested in the problem of vocabulary alignment between heterogeneous agents in task-oriented interactions. I developed learning techniques that improved mutual understanding by using only the procedural information about how to perform a task by using Reinforcement Learning methods. I evaluated them on a real corpus of data obtained from the WikiHow collaborative website.

During my doctoral studies I was part of the ESSENCE Marie Curie Initial Training Network, that brings together PhD students working on different aspects of semantic evolution in artificial systems. I spent some time working in other parter institutions, such as the CISA group at the University of Edinburgh.

Before starting my doctoral studies, I received a Computer Science licenciatura (in general, equivalent to a MSc degree) from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. During my last year I spent three months as an intern at INRIA-LORIA in Nancy, France, where I conducted the research for my final thesis A study of the Combination Problem: dealing with multiple theories in SMT solving (PDF). Before that, I was a teacher assistant in different courses at my university, I took part on several science communication projects, and I worked as a freelance web developer for some time.

To contact me, write me an email to name+surname@gmail.com